I have the site www.mexicotravel.org (PR 3) up for sale. It is custom developed & currently plugged into the TravelNow affiliate program; click some of the nav buttons to see how I have it all built into the design.

I am selling the site because I have been unsuccessful getting any traffic to it; so decided to sell it as it's been online for awhile now & rather than just let it sit there & do nothing I decided to sell it. Seeing as there is minimal traffic there really isn't any revenue either. Stats can be found here: www.mexicotravel.org/stats/

I can sell the whole site or just sell the content without the domain as I am looking for quite a bit for the domain itself.

Content w/o domain: $200
Content w/ domain: $2000

I have the site linked from some of my other sites right now, so I'm guessing that is where it is getting the PR from; those links will remain for one month after the sale.