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    CentraView Installation Required

    Good Afternoon,

    I need an experienced tech to install the application CentraView on a server that has no cPanel, just Red Had Linux 9 installed. The sole purpose of the server will be to run the program.

    The following conditions apply:
    - Money will be paid AFTER work is completed and checked (no half payments or anything either)

    - Work needs to be completed within 24hrs of when it is assigned
    (any delay will result in immediate cancellation of contract)

    - Must have had some experience of installing CentraView

    - I need full assurance that the work will be completed. No point in leasing a server only to later find out the application cannot be installed.

    What is CentraView? If you don't know, then this work is not for you.

    Please get in touch on [email protected]
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    If you are still looking for someone, then SolidLogix can take care of this for you. We attempted to email you, however it bounced. Therefor you are welcome to contact us via PM if you require our services.

    Thank you
    Rob Greenwood
    RedHat Certified, Unix Consultant

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    I noticed that Centraview advertise on their site that they will assist you to install the product for $99.95

    I'm guessing that the contract will be worth less that this then?


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