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    Where do I start?

    Hey, I have been thinking about starting a business of selling reseller space but I am scared taht I might start it and then just drop it..but I need to know where to start and what to do to make sure I do somewhat a good job. I have heard, start out by making a Business Plan, but how do I really do that? Do I just write down why I am starting it, what I will do to start it? etc..?

    If anybody could send me off in the right direction, that would be great.

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    You should have a defined business plan to keep your business in right track. Keep the following points on priority during writing your business plan.

    1. Measure your own strength and map your route and path.

    2. Find out the financial information or capital investment required for your business.

    3. Your market strategy/ select a target market.

    4. Determine the competition.

    5. Measure the risk factors and prepare plan to eliminate it.

    6. Frame out and compose your business plan without typographical errors.

    7. Prepare your TOS/ AUP by consulting your lawyer.

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