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    copying over user data?

    My company's hard drive died (sorta kinda), so we had a new HD put in with new OS, and the faulty one installed as secondary. Is there any way for me to copy over ALL account settings, including user data, email acct configurations, domains, logs and mysql databases, even though it is not a remote server? We have WHM/CPanel, RH9...

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    That happened to me a while back. I lost all data because the Hard drive was corrupted.

    What you can do is manually mount the partitions from the second hard drive and copy the files over to the new HDD.

    If i were you, I would try to grab the most imp data first which is the databases and the user data. And then grab the rest.

    The databases will be in the /var patition (/var/lib/mysql) and the user info will be in /home.

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    It is possible but takes a lot of experience with cPanel and some patience. You will need to copy certain files from /var/cpanel/, /etc, /home, etc. This can be a pain and leave you with a half-working system until you figure everything out.

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