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    Lightbulb Exovian & me!

    Hello all! I just wanted to share my experiences with Exovian. I have been with them for about a year and Love their services. At the time I signed up they were moving office locations and service was very slow. After about a month things began to pick back up and Ben (main support/site owner (I think)) has been on all day! I find their support very quick and no questions are rejected. They even leave posts up (in their forums) of people saying negative things about them! Also What you get for your money is great! I have never had one problem with them yet and I find them to be great! and I have seen ,any bad things listed here about them but that was during the office switch and now they have picked things back up and never miss a beat!

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    Congratulations on finding a hosting company that satisfies your technical needs. Stick with it.
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    Is your company represented?

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    Thank you for your kind words we greatly appreciate it. We love doing what we do best and that is assisting you in any which way possible.

    We do apologize as when the office move was completed we got hit with multiple hurricanes that summer and were left without power for quite sometime. To prepare for this hurricane season we have hired remote support representatives located in the United States and Canada.

    Thank you again and have a wonderful day!

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