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    Web Hosting Reviews

    1. why is it; when I select "Web Hosting Forum" I end up in "Web Hosting Tutorials"

    2. I do not understand the Admins warning, do I understand you can NOT ask for Web hosting Suggestions , in th Web Hosting Forum ??

    3. I need Quality, Consistant Professional Hosting.... anyone have suggestions for a "Consumers Reports" for Hosting... everyone that I have seen online seems to be a shill for a particular Host, does No One have an UN-bias review ?

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    It means you can't ask companies tro directly sell you their services. You can ask for reccomendations of good companies.

    I don't know why you end up in webhosting tutorials. You might be clicking the link to that subforum after entering the webhosting forum.

    Well they get paid by hosts to advertise and no I haven't seen an unbiased review site. Even our own Dan has admitted to being biased towards hostgator. I guess he's the closest you'll get and his site is
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    There are 100 of web host review sites. Most of them list hosts simply to make money, and the information they offer is totally biased.
    I have compared the usual array of "highly recommended hosts" with the real customer satisfaction record of those hosts; often the latter is a pretty dismal one.
    To be of any use to anyone, I believe a hosting review site should make a decent effort to do some honest research on the quality of the hosts they recommend. /End of rant/.

    PS: Dan's site is an honest one, IMHO.
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    Even our own Dan has admitted to being biased towards hostgator.
    I did? I honestly don't remember that, but I will certainly admit that my direct experience with their service is influencing the way I perceive them. I don't see how anyone could shield himself/herself from that though.

    Dan's site is an honest one, IMHO.
    Thank you for the appreciation. Nevertheless, it is not the right source for finding reviews (what Gregers is ultimately searching for).

    does No One have an UN-bias review ?
    Actually, all users will be biased to a certain degree. I recently asked my bother to search for some reviews on a certain reputable company, here at WHT, using the search feature (

    Anyway, he told me that reading them almost made him sick to the stomach. Those customers were so happy that their reviews sounded almost fake.

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    I think you're right about a bias for us all, but perhaps it's not an unfair one if you've received solid performance from a company. I've hosted with some that had some real problems and some with whom I've had virtually no downtime and good reliability (smooth throughput). Mentioning a company that has given you the good one may be biased, but for good reason.

    Ipower and *********** are in the good category for me.

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    One of the big problems with articles which purport to be reviews is that it is hard to "review the reviewer". It seems few reviews give the basis on which they have assessed the hosts and even fewer give the visitor any insight into the quality of the assessment or credibility of the reviewer.
    Add into this mix the number of review sites which are nothing more than advertising and it is no wonder people get confused over who's opinion to trust.

    We will always hear of problem hosts so anyone who doesn't get much in the way of credible complaint is probably doing a decent job. At least, that's how I look at things when weighing up which host to use

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    Web Hosting Reviews are difficult because it is a service that is being reviewed and not a product. In 5 years from now, a product review would still stand up to other newer product reviews.

    Any review without an actual URL to verify the reviewer is using that service at the time is worthless. No way to verify the reviewer URL is their own either unless its registered in their own name. All my domains are in a company name.

    Services change on a daily basis (ok hourly) for many reasons like hardware failure, software bug, security glitch, maintenance fixes, tech support quitting, overloaded servers, etc.

    The best way I have seen general services rated is at Angies' List You must be a member to enter a comment and you can only enter a comment once for one
    company PER YEAR. Only members get a chance to see the list too. Any complaints when getting the service completed are investigated by Angies List. If no response by the service in question then the service goes into their 'penalty box'.

    Now start a similar service to rate web hosts and you have an honest opinion of at least the buying and startup end of web hosting. The problem of course is that 2 months after you buy a web hosting plan and rate the service as great, the host is down and you need to find another. Those comments would need to be
    regulated and investigated too.
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    I mostly agree with you but there is an element of product with hosting and also variables which few other services have to deal with.
    Generalising here, most service-based industries offer something which is fairly limited in the ways in which it can be used. Not so for hosting.
    A host may offer plans with certain features. Their customers come to hosting with all sorts of different needs and different expectations.
    And many of those customers cannot tell when an issue arises whether its their own incompetence, the 3rd party script they have installed, or if they are dealing with a genuine hosting issue.
    So, really, what makes a good host? I feel this question is so subjective and the answer from any customer will depend on what their level of experience/expectation is.

    I don't really think anyone can say anything more than, "this host is really good for my purposes". Hopefully, they will give some details and reasons but, like any comment which is essentially anonymous, the recommendation should not be relied on.

    In my opinion, any review of hosts is going to be seriously flawed - even if there are good benchmarking techniques used there will be hosts left out and the fluid nature of the business would mean that whatever is published will always be out of date.

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    yup its a hard task.

    But home remodeling is a service that is rated. It has the exact same problem as web hosting - hundreds of possible reasons why the consumer used them and rated them. I had a room added, 3 storm doors replaced, new drapes, painted the ouside of the house, added a fence, etc.

    Angies List has added more specific categories recently. And hosting can be broken into some sub categories easily enough.

    And yes its out of date only if the members do not re-rate the services every year. Not going to get more acccurate than that.
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    Well I've been using for over 4 years now and I have a very high opinion of them. I'm not the worlds greatest web designer by any means and have had to use their customer services as late as 3 am in the morning and they are always there to respond withing about 30 minutes after I submit a help request. Keep in mind that although I deal with a lot of hosting companies I've only used, ******.com, and Good luck to you
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