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    looking for a good vps

    Hi. Im looking for a good vps, Im right now with godaddy, but his support is sad, very very bad, when I wrote them, they took 9 days in answer me...also, the downtime is ridiculous, well you get the point...I need this:

    6-10 gb of disk space
    300-500 gb of monthly bandwith
    C-panel (or at least plesk)
    Fully Managed
    Good Support
    Can handled 3000-5000 visitors and 40,000 page views per day.
    Fast and stable
    2 ips

    Is just a basic htm page, no php, no scripts, not forum, not anything, just a htm page with many page views per day.

    I can pay 20-50 dls per month, but still dont find a vps like this, if you can help me with your experiencie, It will be nice.

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    The top providers at the moment seem to be LiquidWeb, ServInt and PowerVPS. So make sure you look into those 3.

    I can recommend ServInt, although I'm not sure if it can handle that kind of load. Their $50 package comes with 10 GB of space, but only 200 GB transfer, which doesn't fit in your budget.

    Actually, out of the 3 that I mentioned I don't think any of them have the specs that you're looking for. If you raise your budget a tad (about 30-40 dollars) I'm sure one would be easier to find.

    If you raised it a tad, ServInt is 20 GB space / 350 GB transfer for $90 a month. PVPS is 20 GB space / 250 GB transfer for $85.

    Hope this helps.
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