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    Do people actually sue others in the web hosting business? If so when ?

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    It can happen, although I'd personally bet its VERY rare.

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    What type circumstances are we talking about? A customer suing a host? A host suing a client? A host suing another host? I have never personally heard of this happening but I am sure it is possible.

    Someone might sue over a breach of contract, if someone does not pay their fees, if a host "steals" another host's business name, logo, etc.

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    there has been plenty of courtcases with webhosting in mind - try doing a google search on CI Host and Suing for example

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    Normally a customer or a host avoids the legal proceeding, but if you really upset a wrong customer, one day you may fall in a legal trouble.

    For the sake of your business you should practice it in a proper manner within its business ethics and limitations.

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    Just treat others how you would like to be treated and you will be fine.

    good luck

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    I agree with it, some clients do not mind paying just to save their pride so never upset a client.
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    You can sue anyone from any reason, this is why a lot of American's always threaten to sue right off. If you win or not is a different story as you must have a good case.

    Not trying to discriminate against Americans but most of the compliments I read on forums are Americans threatening to sue whereas I find others less willing to threaten someone/company as such.

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    that's how it is in America

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    Most of the people can not even cross the road to caste a vote as their fundamental citizenship right, but they can cross the seas for their human right.

    But refer to the topics, I think if you've a solid TOS and you're working within the periphery of prevailing business ethics and law and with its transparency, then there is rare chance of trapping in legal troubles.

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    I think what happens alot is people send letters with something like, please pay £200 due to reason, failure to do so will result in legal action of a fee of £2000.

    (but a bit better written)

    This makes it a lot easyer and a lot of people would just pay up, IE. Pirate Music.
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    Possible situation: you get your server hacked and lose you clients information. They can sue you. I think there's a type of insurance which would pay out to your clients in this situation.

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    there are several case of service providers being sued (not webhosting but company have sued peoplesoft, computer science...etc. for not able to keep their systems/business app/crm working)

    it' not impossible. that's why there is insurance for business.

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    I think a lot of British sue people too, not just Americans - that's a bit of a generalization.

    For instance - one of our local city councils here had to remove a load of trees from the pavements costing them £150,000. The reason: because an apple fell on some persons head and they said they'd got head aches for the next few days - and as such they sued the council.

    It's rediculous.

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    I say if you can't spell it, you can't do it.

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    Being sued in the hosting industry can happen. Also being extorted out of money can happen. For example check out the signing the SCO contract, just so they dont get sued. They had to pay SCO alot of money to keep from being sued by them. SCO wanted to charge ev1 the price it is charging every other company. But at $699 per CPU that just wouldn't work out for ev1. so they came to a deal that allowed ev1 to stay on SCO's good side and pay a reduced rate. If thats not extortion i dont know what is.

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    Being sued is easy. Losing a lawsuit requires you do to something wrong (as a general practice). What many companies fail to realize and where many people run into problems is when they fail to deliver on a promised offer. Yes your TOS can specify things in fine print but one of the basic premises of a contract is that you have a mutual understanding. If you get a client who signs up for something you offered but then you fail to deliver, that's a problem. If the issue deals with downtime or reliability and you crash it can become a very, very big problem. Be honest in what you offer and use an attorney now rather than later (it will cost you less over the long run).

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