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    Sitewide text links wanted

    i want to purchase sitewide text links for several of my sites ..

    Site must have atleast 5k indexed in google or other SE .. PR is not a problem .. Visitors are also not a problem .. i will still consider even it has 0 visitor ..

    Please let me know the price .. we can make a long term deal ... But please do not message me if you are selling links for more than $30/month .. i will not be interested and this will waste both of our time ..

    Thanks !

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    64 Text Link Ads.

    I own and I am hoping to sell text links to support its growth. I will place these text links on the footer of every page for only $15 a month.

    The forum is well over 1000 pages and has about 750 articles. It is indexed very well by google and is #1 for many searches. I never paid anyone to post or anything like that. Just about all my visits come from revisits or google.

    Here are the screenshots of forum stats and webalizer stats (1024x768):

    If you have questions, I would be glad to answer them. Thank you.
    AIM: GopherDesign
    ICQ: 39 401 865

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    Well i think this could suit your needs:
    pr6 and pr5

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