Ok, for the very reason that I have lost some emails before due to spam, I allow my server to send ALL the email to me (Outlook Express) In that I have all my filters nicely setup and catergorized. They filter sort and organize everything with 100% accurcy.

That is until these Russian and Chineese emails come through, I can cleary "Read" the emails, the correct characters are there, however when I go to make a new Rule (Filter) for them and copy/paste some of the characters in there, and then click "Add" it just comes up with "?????"

I obviously have the language packs installed if I can read them in the first place, what am I missing?

P.S. For the record this is something that I want done in OE, I never want anything to ever be blocked at the server end, I have more than enough HD space to cover 10 lifetimes worth of email and spam, and the search feature works great so no need to stop any of it and possibly lose a good one..