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    templates must go! - nghstudios

    Ok, I'm just looking to sell all of my recent templates here. I will be posting a screen-shot taken from a live preview for each one. Each of these templates wil come with its .pds file and full rights. However I will still post them in my portfolio as proof of work. Each of these templates will come with:

    - Rollover buttons
    - Easy Editing
    - Flash Banner**
    - Background Music
    - Unique Design Features

    Depending on how much you are willing to pay, you can get a flash banner. I am posting this message on many forums, so it would be best if you would email me at: [email protected] about this. That way I can reach you better and faster.

    There is no fixed price for these templates so you can deside for yourself. I know these are not
    top quality' so I'm not expecting too much...but I'm also not going to be selling these for $10.

    Here are the previews:

    Temp 1 -
    Temp 2 -
    Temp 3 -
    Temp 4 -

    Remember to Email me if your interrested!

    Thanks! Nicholas Hiotis

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    good luck with selling them, some nice clean designs there

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