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    Questions for GoDaddy VPS users (SSL support, etc.)


    I'm considering moving to GoDaddy's VPS, but the ambiguous language in their licensing agreement has me a bit concerned. I currently use a self-signed certificate on my server to encrypt email traffic...I'm not worried about an "official" ssl cert because I'm not doing any e-commerce of any sort.

    I've read another post in this forum that seems to indicate GoDaddy *requires* you use their SSL certs for any SSL traffic on one of their VPS's. The license agreement doesn't clarify that situation, unfortunately.

    Can anyone confirm/deny this? I don't want to be forced to buy a "real" SSL cert when a self-signed is free and will suffice for my needs.

    Also, any other caveats/warnings regarding GoDaddy VPS?


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    Just went through a nightmare with GoDaddy and their VPS. The story is long. In a nutshell, the server was nothing like what we were told it would be. We shut the account and they kept the money - refused to refund, despite documentation of misinformation provided by staff prior to purchase. Client was more than a little upset. Cannot say one single positive thing about GoDaddy and their VPS. Run away, run away...

    Go with PowerVPS if you are looking for a US-based solution.

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    Go Daddy's VPS hosting will support other certs in addition to the certs currently offered by We do not require hosting customers to use a certificate issued by a particular company; and as long as the users has the technical “know how”, the cert he/she has purchased will work on the server. If you have a certificate, and are having trouble installing it, please contact Go Daddy Customer Support and they will be happy to assist you.

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    GoDaddy Problems

    I setup a VSP with GoDaddy that I am about to cancel.

    #1 You have to relay mail throught their server, this breaks backup MX records as it creates a loop.

    #2 They will not change the reverse DNS for your IP.

    #3 Their version of iptables is old and can not be updated.

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