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    Selling all sites,,, etc.

    Selling all sites,,, etc.


    An opportunity has come my way that needs a large start up capital, because of this I have been forced to consider selling my large network of websites.

    This thread is a basic sum of up of websites and domains that are in the network. I have setup a page with more information about the websites listed here and also some others. To view that page click here.
    Developed website with a custom coded backend. I am in the process of re-launching this website with a new design. I did also plan on pushing the current website onto a different domain and making this site solely a forum.

    I have already paid a very well known designer to design the website. I can show anyone who is seriously interested the first layout sketches of the design. It is looking VERY nice.

    I have also already paid a coder to code the forum skin when the design is complete. Both the designer and coder have a very impressive portfolio, I can show examples to anyone who is interested.

    The combined cost of this new forum skin is roughly $1,000.

    I have been offered $9,000 for this website in the past which I turned down.
    This site is running a very advanced content management system which cost me $5,000. The site comes with 3 unique online games which cost me another $1,000. After allowing people to download these games and use them on their own websites the traffic to shockarcade has skyrocketed. The site is getting around 4,000 unique visits a day at the moment but this will only grow as more and more websites get hold of the games.

    ShockArcade is currently making around $40 a day from google adsense and
    The site was setup to sell copies of a very popular online gaming script. Here are the basic features of the script. They can also be found on the features page.

    • Add games from an online admin panel.
    • Pages are generated after a game has been added.
    • Remove games from an online admin panel.
    • Edit games from an online admin panel.
    • Change the game display order.
    • Fully customizable.

    The site is self is VERY profitable. Already this month the site has made over $1000 in selling copies of the script + sites running the script. The amount of profit is increasing from month to month.

    Another massive bonus from running this website is that you are free to create as many sites using the script as you want then sell them online. (sitepoint, dnforum, ebay etc.) At the same time as selling the sites you are also advertising the script itself.

    Earlier this month I made 3 very simple sites using the script and sold them on with no traffic or revenue the next day for $800. There is currently a very high demand for these types of websites.

    The site itself is getting an average of 40 unique visits per day at the moment. This may not sound like a lot but this is quality traffic, each person has an interest in the script, and as we all know with sites like this is all about SALES not traffic.

    This site takes up about 5 – 10 minutes of my time per day. Answering support emails and sending out copies of the script.

    Lyrics website with a custom coded backend and over 200,000 unique lyrics. All of the pages use mod_rewrite for search engine friendly URLs. This is a relatively new site but it does have a lot of potential.

    You could also easily sell copies of the database. + .net
    2 very valuable domain names, comes with a very nice unique vbulletin skin.
    Preview -

    This could easily be turned into a VERY profitable website with the current success of the PSP and the imminent success of the playstation 3 next year.
    Very brandable xbox domain. PR4. Again, this domain is only going to increase in value with the release of the xbox 360 later this year.
    Excellent free image or file hosting site domain.

    You can find out more information about these websites listed here and others here.

    Ideally I would like to sell the sites as a package so I have set a very low BIN price for all of the websites as a package. I realise that might not be possible so I am accepting offers on the sites individually. The sites are all hosted on my server at the moment; I can leave the sites there for a while to give the new owner a chance to find a new host.

    If anyone has any questions about any of the sites please don’t hesitate to ask. Because this sale is listed at multiple forums I would much prefer it if you could email any questions rather than PMing me.

    My email address is jonwheatley at


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    email sent =)
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    OK, shockarcade and have both been sold.

    All PMs and emails replied to. If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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    I have sent you a PM.


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    All PMs and emails replied to, I hope I haven’t missed anyone.

    These sites are still for sale.

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    I wonder what websites are left for sale?
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    The only 2 sites that have been sold are and

    Let me know if you have anymore questions.

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    darn.. shockarcade has been sold....
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    All PMs and emails replied to. I will consider any reasonable offers for the remaining sites and domains. I am also happy to give discounts if you are interested in more than 1 website / domain.

    If anyone has any questions please drop me an email or send me a PM.

    Jonwheatley at


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    Update: I am looking to sell the rest of these sites today, if someone makes me a reasonable offer for the sites individually or as a package, I will most probably accept it.

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    PMs sent, sold.

    I will be selling the remaining websites and domains to the first person to make me a reasonable offer for them as a package or individually.

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