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    require a php editor (pay)

    person who can edit php script ......

    i have a script for him to edit

    MSN:[email protected]
    EMAIL:[email protected]

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    Moved so you can receive offers.
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    Do you still need this job done?
    If yes, contact me by instant messanger(ICQ/MSN/YAhoo,AOL) in my profile

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    yes..i still need

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    I have added you to my MSN contact list.

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    Also i need a good computer engineer to reverse a script for me which is either encoded with zend or ioncube...
    you can tell how much you want.

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    you dont have much chance of doing that, as i guess it is probably IPB or another script that you are meant to pay for to get the full version.

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    If it is a paid script, it would be a whole lot cheaper to buy the script as I'm guessing the skill a hacker would need to do that would cost you thousands to get. (After you manage to find someone who can do it.)

    To my knowledge even the Zend/ionCube people don't have a decrypting program.
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