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Thread: modem choice

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    modem choice

    im looking to buy a modem;

    can someone help me? im with Comcast its an RCA digital Brodband, 100Mbps can someone help me find a better modem?????? i pinged a tx server and i got 405ms and last time a couple days ago i got only 45

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    Are you sure its your modem? Provide us with a traceroute to the website you are getting 405ms.
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    Does this topic actually pertain to Dedicated Servers?

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    not at all.

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    .... niether have ANY of this guy's posts.

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    Originally posted by sirius
    .... niether have ANY of this guy's posts.

    LOL actully sirus you may want to search on my name maybe? Becasue I have made some posts that do relate to this topic latley it hasent, so buy you caping ANY is wrong

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    It probably isn't your modem. Your ISP is more than likely to blame. I know for awhile Comcast was having major issues but I don't know if that is still the case.
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    Could some MOD please change this thread to the right forum? (if there's one here at WHT, since the original post isn't even related to webhosting at all).
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