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    backordering: some final questions for a first-timer

    okay, the domain name i've been looking at trying to acquire is going to be deleting VERY SHORTLY, but i still have a few questions left that i'm hoping this forum can help me with. if you'll remember from thread #3157821 (i can't post links it seems) i want to at least be in the bidding for this domain.

    here is some info:

    - the domain is in PENDINGDELETE status and will drop in the next day or two. the date that shows up in the checker is consistent across the backordering services

    - signed up with all services with my 'no-hard-limit' american express card so there won't be any issues should a high $ amount charge come through as a result of an auction

    - placed a backorder at godaddy for $18.95
    - placed a backorder at enom/clubdrop for $30 bid
    - placed a backorder at snapnames with max bid $60
    - placed a backorder at pool (pre-authorized $60 i think)
    - tried to backorder at namewinner, but for some reason domain isn't showing up

    and a few questions:

    - enom shows a high bid of $40, but i cannot bid higher than the $30 i currently have unless i'm verified. in reading the enom faq, it sounds like this initial bid is to determine how many 'resources' they should dedicate to getting the name. but anyone bidding $30 or more will get into the private auction after the name deletes

    - namewinner doesn't show the domain in any of their search features. do they wait until the day of or something to list the domains?

    - pool has done away with their two-phase auction system and now operate exactly like namewinner. or so they say- can anyone confirm this?

    - i manage most of my domains with let's say i win the domain in one of these services- will i be able to transfer the domain to my account there immediately, or does the 60-day-after-renewal-or-registration period that most registrars have still apply?

    i feel pretty comfortable that i've done just about everything i can do (short of the namewinner backorder which i will continue to try to place unless someone tells me it's not possible) to at least be in the auction for the domain no matter who catches it. does anyone have any other tips on something i might have missed? any other steps i should take?

    this forum has been a great resource for me. thanks for all the help, and thanks in advance for the help on this post too!

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    If the domain is secured the 60day wait will still apply since the backorder service is registering it for you.

    The register you end up in depends on who secures the domain for you.
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    just order it from all places and wait till one of the services grap it

    i advise you to start verifing ur self at enom incase they get it u'll be ready to bid
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