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    Arrow URGENT Template monster flash template content changes

    Hello ,

    I already have a flash template, you can check it here,

    I want to get the flash template filled up with my content and there will be 10 content sections..i.e there are 4 main sections each having 3 buttons...each button will have its own content page LIKE PRIVACY POLICY PAGE..

    in flash template clcik on copyright below to see privacy policy page.

    I need to change button titles , content , images.

    Please give best quote and shortest possible time.

    This project will lead to many more guaranteed bigger projects.


    Web templates with a professional touch.

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    I can do this for you

    How can I contact you? do you have msn?

    I'll charge $10

    *edit* typed wrong price*

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    What type of website is this for? Can you give us more information? Is your site a hosting site? how much content do you need to add? which images do you need to edit. This will give designers a chance to give you a proper quote!

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