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    Sherlock holmes template

    Does anyone know where I can get a web template for a sherlock holmes themed site?

    I'm setting up the site at The back-end logic represents a huge amount of time and effort, but the front-end html is pretty unattractive. Most visitors just call up the main page and leave.'

    I need some help making the site more attrative to visitors. With the sherlock holmes theme I've started developing, I'm hoping a nice template that fits the theme will help.

    I've looked at all the template libraries I could find from google with no sucess, so I was hoping somebody would have a suggestion.

    I'm willing to pay a reasonable amount, but I don't expect the site to ever generate much revenue so I don't want to spend too much.

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    Thread moved as someone may offer to make one specifically for you
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    Im doing Course Work Of sherlock holmes in school.
    reading the books etc.

    so i will know alot about it

    i can design you a proffesional sherlock holmes theme.
    i understand you are not getting much revenue so i will offer a reasonable price..

    pm me if you are intrested..

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