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    looking for help

    Ohh, where to begin. Well, I was installing sw-soft's sitebuilder 2.0 and kept getting Fatal error: Call to undefined function: gpgme_new_context() in /usr/local/sitebuilder/include/kernel/licensekey.php on line 547
    so, I read on a forum that I needed to install gpgext, which I tried to do, but it would not compile correctly, and would not install...So, stupid me, on another forum somewhere it said that this might be due to a bad binutils install, so I went ahead and compiled and installed that..So, now my C compilter is broke, and SiteBuilder still does not work.

    I am looking for somebody who can 1)fix my compiler and 2)make sure gpgext or whaveter else sitebuilder needs to work is there, and sitebuilder works..I am looking for somebody to do this ASAP, and am willing to pay $100 for success.

    Please contact me ASAP at kirill_b at I am running Fedora 2 with Cpanel 10.x


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    Use yum to force an install of binutils. That should fix that issue. As for Sitebuilder, I've never used such a thing, so I can't recommend any fixes for that.

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