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  1. #1 ! Great potential!

    Hello everyone!
    Today I am selling ! Though this domain has a "-" in it, it still has a excellent potential none-the-less!

    Alright, bidding starts at $9 for this domain!

    The buyout is going to be $100!!

    Alright guys, lets get this bidding started!

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    $9 here, when the bids ends?
    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don't touch this!

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    Lets say a wekk from right now. So, June 24th

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    Also, this domain is registered with and i will be recieving the payment through paypal

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    Not currently, I have just put it up onto my webserver, and should be getting stats soon. And thanks for the bid!

  7. #7 - That is one day so far

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    Ahh, right, sorry about that . The stats are not super good, as I said, I just registered this domain 1 day ago, or so. so, there really isnt much to see. Like, 10 hits so far

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    $11 on the domain

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    Domain sold, thanks guys.

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    11$ ??? You sold it ?

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    No, I was kidding.... Yes, I sold it

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    if you said the time was ending or somehting i wouldve paid 20 $..

    damn i really wanted that domain

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    Well, Sorry guys, whats done is done! I guess you could have contacted me via PM, if you really wanted it.

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