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    Got a redesign, what do you think?



    The new one is better ofcourse, what changes should be made to it? I already am having the designer make the header smaller (not as tall) but is there anything else you guys think should be done?

    Thanks in advance!

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    That network bar looks awful close to iNet's..

    I would definitely do something with the Top 5 software links. Try a dark grey monospaced font.

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    Yah, that will be getting changed in the future aswell, just a temporary thing...

    Yah, those will be getting changed for sure, I will be adding something similar to what I have on my current design.


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    Actually I prefer the old design. The color is stronger, bolder and looks like have more"content". I'm not saying that the new design is not nice, the design is smooth but the old design somehow give me a better impression.

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    Do you think it's because everything is crammed in together more? Or because there's more color?

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