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    For Sale - Complete Domain Business

    What I currently have for sale is a newly developed domaining business. Not just a website...a complete package. A complete, 100% package. This not turn key, this is as unique as it comes.
    What you receive:

    The domain ""
    The entire web site. All the content (written by me)
    A completely 1000000% Unique template/site. The only one of its kind.
    Template resell rights are included.
    2 Custom Contact forms. 100% completely custom.

    AND also the following domains:
    ------------ - You can read about this more on The domain itself it worth a ton of cash. Plans are underway to build near the battle field. This is as prime as it gets.
    ----------- - check screenshots:

    I have only had this domain about a week. I think I have got the keywords pegged. I figure it will average about 50-60 cents a day on average from here on out. Upon sale I will give you catagory and keywords.
    --------- - check screenshots:

    Had for a bit...was once dmoz listed. Still gets some traffic. More info on
    ------------ - Starting to get a smidge of traffic. Few hits a day.
    (brand new game)
    ---------- - 27 Overture. Check screenshots:


    Who is reponsible for moving the site?
    I will do this for you!! That is correct, when you buy I will upload it for you. You dont have to worry about it.

    Is everything included?
    Yes. Here is a little history. I bought the template here on WHT. It is 100% unique and I have ongoing communication with the guy I bought it from. After I bought (75$) it I had about 100 bucks worth of mods done to it. I then got another coder to do the custom contact forms (30$).

    From there I completely filled in all the content. I worked on this about 20 hours. I changed and modded a bunch of stuff. I have put alot of work into this and I hope it shows.

    What are the conditions of the sale?
    I reserve the right to sell at any time, to any person. The higest bid does not necessarily win. Your reputation, and your past dealings with me will help determine the conditions of the sale.

    Payment method..
    If I know you, and/or you are good standing on this board...then I will accept paypal. If not, then we shall use a 3rd party escrow service.

    Where are all the domains located?

    How much for the entire domain business package?
    I am accepting offers right now of 1,000$ for everything.

    What is the buy it now?

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    Please note...this is a new site. No traffic or promotion. <--this is a typo of "" <--you gussed it, another typo. Gets over 100 hits a day.

    I can provide up to the hour stats on any domain. Just PM me.


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