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    Thumbs down Godaddy - very slow connection!!!


    I have a web hosting account with Godaddy, and only problem is that connection to server using frontpage is very slow!

    Sometimes it takes about 3 to 5 minutes to frontpage get connected to server and retreive web contents.
    Then it transfers files to or from server at 1 or 2KB/s!!!

    Is this normal with godaddy shared hosting?
    Anyone experienced this???

    PS: Speed browsing the web site seems normal.


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    Hav eyou contacted their support dept regarding the issue. It will be slow if they are not aware of the issue.
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    3 times!
    First one they told me that it was my isp! Second time on the phone there were many users online and that it could be some inconsistensys!

    Third time was an hour ago, still waiting for response!


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    It sounds like a overloaded server / bandwidth. Are they looking into the issue or simply blaming the ISP? Ask them to be honest or start looking for another host.
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    they are good with domain names, dont know about webhosting tho. I usually dont like big hosting companys because they have big setup fees

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    Originally posted by frostbite
    they are good with domain names, dont know about webhosting tho. I usually dont like big hosting companys because they have big setup fees
    These probably do not exist anymore with most major ones?
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    Yeah, I agree GoDaddy has such an annoying slow connections.

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    If they do not meet your requirements, just find a new host.

    Where are you located? Your location could be affecting the speed of connection with frontpage.

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    I'm in Portugal.

    Finally they have responded and asked for a tracerout wich I sent!
    Now let's see what they come up with...

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    You can try this tool to see if it's a localized problem:
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    Thanx, tryed that tool and it gave values from 5kbps to 22kbps!
    Don't know if those are normal values!

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    I don;t think they are. I am guessing that godaddy has crowded servers. I would suggest you look for a new host.

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    I don't seem to have any problems with there domain service not sure about the hosting though.

    It is probably a better idea to switch. Do you have high BW connection ?cable ? DSL ? Home of Generous George the Red Monster.
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    I have DSL 2Mbps. Not the fastest connection but isn't that slow either!
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    Ok! Last response from them: The traceroute looks normal must be an ISP issue.

    I'll look for another host!
    Can you imagine publishing a 150MB or more at 1KB/s???

    This is not acceptable!

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    Surely, that will take a long time. I suggest you ask hosts for a speed test file of the server they are going to put you on before you order next time.

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    I have notested while publishing websites to godaddy that uploading stops several times during publishing resuming a few minutes later.
    Maybe this is what is making publishing speed so low, around 1KB or 2KB/s.

    This takes me to the conclusion that either goddady servers are overcrowded like someone else already said or they are limiting bandwith for website authoring.


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