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    Value of

    What do you guys think this domain is worth money wise?


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    - is always a killer with all domains.
    I dunno about this one someone would pay low $XXX maybe for it, it really would depend if you got the right buyer.

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    Yeah, its really too bad about the -. Do you know where I could find someone willing to buy this domain? I need to get rid of it!

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    the " - " Takes down its value some, but this domain could be useful to someone who was to develop the domain name instead of just reselling it again.

    Although I wouldn't develop it because of the, you could lose alot of traffic due to that.

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    I don't see any value in your domain, blip888. It's worthless. In
    addition I think it'll be very difficult to successfully sell that domain.
    I'd just delete and forget it. The domain isn't worth to be renewed.
    Sincerely, Dominik
    Domain Brokerage

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    Geeze, can you say its worthless enough times?!

    I did sell it for $11 bucks, which was 3 bucks over reg, which is fine, because I went and bought another domain.

    Looks like you were wrong buddy.

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    Registration Fee = Worthless... Just my opinion... I mean what's
    a $3 profit? Congrats on the sale though, because I would not
    have tried to sell it.
    Sincerely, Dominik
    Domain Brokerage

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    I agree, it was a poor domain...but if you can sell off crap names and make a $3 profit each time it wont be long before you're raking in the cash

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