Hi. This is my first post on this veeery populated place.

I'm running a dedicated cPanel box. This question could be posted on the Programming section too, but I think my problem is not on programming but on permissions...

Here it goes:

I made the mistake of promising a client that he will be able to change his pop password from a PHP webmail link.

I have found a nice PHP webmail client, full featured, got into the code and started to try all kind of combinations, such as:

- Trying to system() to Lynx and call the cPanel Perl script that respond to the Change password cPanel Form.

- Trying to cURL to the same script.

No luck.
Does anybody ever tried to do that?
For those who are asking himself "why this lunatic needs to do so?", the answer is "I have this customer that wants all in a single place and wants to pay for it". He refuses to manage password changes from cPanel and wants to have all their community members to change their passwords as will.

Any clue about this will be kindly welcome.

Thanks guys!