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    Looking for quotes/rough price..

    ..For a site similar to this one.

    I would want most of the features. I would need a simple CMS system implemented so that new items could be added.

    At present I am just looking for rough quotes for the coding. ALL design work will be created beforehand so no need to price this in.

    Please send quotes/prices to sales[at]


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    It would be a good idea for you to itemise the quote, for example how much each element would cost.

    Also would it be possible to view past websites created.


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    Would you be requiring the checkout bit aswell?

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    I would probably be using PayPal as the payment processor so would need their cart integrated.

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    Thats good.

    Contact me on msn: karl [at]

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    nice example

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    Yes it is!!

    Like I told you, iv currently got 200+ logo templates that need a good home.

    This has been planned for a while, just needed the time and funds to get it going.

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    Originally posted by bgolat
    nice example
    bgolat: are you interested in selling the script for your site? i have a client asking about a template store.

    thanks, bill

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    the script is "x-cart" which can be purchased but i cant post urls because i dont have 5 posts yet

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    oh, OK. thanks, bill

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