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    Favorite portal software?

    I'm curious.. what your fav. portal package? Some of your fav mods, if any on it?
    Mike Bell
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    I like Phpbb with ez portal. No complication

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    Yeah, ez portal is good. There is this one I was using once.. mx-portal I think it was. I dont think that it integrates with phpbb very well, but it is a nice portal

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    Take a look at MamboCMS. It's nice from what I've seen.

    I personally don't like using CMS's, though--I find them too broad for specific websites.

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    The Best is MK PORTAL WITH IPB2 ...

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    PHPBB and Mambo

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    Nuke is my faveourite although I have quit using its forum module. I installed a phpBB standalone so that i can mod it as I wish. Still Nuke is the first one I have in mind when it comes to portals

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