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    webhost that post with signatures & URL

    i think the value of this web site is severely compromised when hosts offer advice and their signature leads you to their hosting site. it is a big conflict of interest. hosts should not be allowed to post URLs inside their signature.

    just my opinion, but this site fights to keep off fictitous reviews, but does nothing about host who jump into discsussions to simply get their sig seen...

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    Re: webhost that post with signatures & URL

    This has been discussed many times and most likely, that rule will never be implemented. We all know that WHT is a good place for advertisement, nobody is hiding it. It is a problem when people just post to insert their signature but not a whole lot you can do about it, unless it's painfully obvious.

    If you don't like signatures, disable them in your profile.

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    lev, i figure it's been's just something i had to get off of my chest...done.

    it makes sense to keep the sigs because it keeps the hosts here...thx.

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    If a host posts something useless just to have their link seen, their site will be associated with uselessness. If a host posts something useful within a thread, then they've earned the right to have that link associated with that particular display of knowledge.

    It's all good
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    There are quite a few of us hosts that do not rely on, nor want to do any advertising of our hosting services here on WHT. I tend to promote my non hosting related sites, simply because I think the visibility is good.

    I am happy to say that I have only gotten ONE customer from WHT, and it wasn't through any advertising, rather, it was through my helpful nature... WAY back when, lol.

    The day that I post an ad offering hosting services here on WHT is the day that hell has truly frozen over. This is in no way meant to disrespect WHT or other hosts, it's that the market of people here at WHT is not the kind of customer I'm interested in working with.
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    I reported a post earlier, it went like this.

    Thread starter: I just dumped my old unmetered provider, looking for a new one, any ideas?
    Jhosts: I am sorry to hear that.
    Jhosts sig: UNMETERED SERVERS!!!!11111

    I hate that, majorly.

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    Yea, and the thread where someone asks for host recommendations for $6/mo and 10 hosts wade in saying "Yea, you should be able to get a good host for that".
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    Re: webhost that post with signatures & URL

    Originally posted by techiecool
    i think the value of this web site is severely compromised when hosts offer advice and their signature leads you to their hosting site.
    Noone is leading you to any site. If you want to click on a url in a sig, then you do that. Noone is forcing you to do so. We haven't figured out how to force you yet. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    I never click on sigs, if I need to check them out for some reason, I copy the link and paste it into my location window
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