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    * [URGENT] $20 to fix my messy CSS coding!

    I need this done fairly quickly.

    I am quite good at designing webpages and working with CSS, but it isn't my primary task. I do programming and system *nix admin.

    My problem is that I made this simple page with only 3 divs now, and I made it in Firefox on Linux.
    When I viewed the page in IE it looked crap, and when I viewed it in Firefox on windows it looked crap as well!

    However, I need to be able to talk with you by e-mail or IM after you've given me the fixed CSS(and the actual html file if that is bugged as well). Because I need to understand what made it go wrong in which browsers and how I can prevent it, and work further on the design in the future if needed... Without destroying it again :p

    I'll pay you through paypal, unless you have a credit card processing you can use.

    Please contact me either by mail or IM as soon as you can.
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