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    Please tell me what you think - honest opinions only please!

    I don't how many times I have changed my site, but I think I'm finally getting somewhere. Anyway...can you please tell me what you think about the homepage. My links don't all work, I'm still (after many years) in the designing phase. Just a hobby, someday I will open for business, but right now, there's no rush. Also, my content is not complete, I'm only asking for opinions on design.

    You can say anything you want, I need to hear it. Honesty is the best policy.

    Thank you.

    ps: yes the blue background is the same one wht is using!

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    sorry 'bout that, i was going to fast!


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    The general layout is ok, but the left menu is superimposed over part of the right hand content. Check your css positining against your table layout. Better still - lose the tables
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    oh boy, i'm not sure i can do that. i'll have to study "no tables".

    thank you

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