Registered at godaddy

Parked at Sedo
Payment through Paypal or Credit Card

Starting Bid USD $100
Increments $5.00

I originally saw it as an adult website and therefore backordered it and bought it on release date a few months back. Due to unforseen circumstances and I will not be able to develop this domain. I parked the domain at Sedo on June 13th and since then, I have received the following traffic:

6/13 - 6 visits
6/14 - 13 visits
6/15 - 26 visits
6/16 - 25 visits
6/17 - 15 visits

85 Views in 5 Days!!

Doing some research on the domain at you can see it was a blog website. I originally heard of the name by visiting the blog website and at it's peak, it was in the top 100,000 on alexa. The related links on google still refer to blog websites, however there are no backlinks in google.

If this domain doesn't sell, I will relist once I have a full month of sedo stats, however the price will go up.

I reserve the right to not sell to the highest bidder.