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    Question website designer software ?

    I am curretnly offering SiteStudio for my customers to design theirsites online. Many customers have cancelled their accounts becasue they say SiteStudio is not very good.
    I am running servers with windows 2003 standard and I offer windows hosting only.
    Any site designer to offer my customers anybody can recommend as better ?

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    My suggestion would be to do some research (and I do not mean this sarcastically) .

    When your customer says "SiteStudio is not very good.", you should ask the customer what about the software do they not like? You should track trends between your customers. How many is "Many", if you have say 500 customers using this software with their hosting, and you have over three months 30 cancel because of the site builder is "... not very good." Try to find a trend in what about this software is unacceptable across the board. Additionally, try to enhance what you have already invested in by selling all of the features of the software you have, and overcoming the objections that are proposed by your customers.

    For example if there is a recurring problem with your customers not being able to figure out how insert a dynamic calendar, then maybe you can build a simple video tutorial for this, and add answers to your FAQ within your support resources. Simply by listening to your customers, trying to empathize with their situation, and in the end providing an easy to implement solution, you will be providing customer service that will keep their business.

    If in the end you determine for your target customers that SiteStudio is inadequate for specific reasons, start searching for an alternative that provides X, Y, and Z functionality, as you will then be looking for something specific, and will most likely find what you are looking for and be able to satisfy the needs of your customers.

    If on the other hand you don't know exactly what your customers are looking for, and don't try to implement a solution that specifically addresses your customers concerns, someone may as well turn of the lights, spin you around three times, and then tell you to hit a bullseye on the dart board that is somewhere in the room.

    Hope this provides some insight, and best of luck to you in the future!

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    Ive seen a lot of hosts actualy bundle something like NetObjects Fusion or something when you order their hosting. I am not quite sure how they do that because I would assume the licensing must cost a bundle but maybe you could look into that? I am sure NOF has some features that Site Studio doesn't. Anyway, just a thought.

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