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    Thumbs up LayeredTech 6 months later.

    I just want to send more praise, and a few hiccups about LayeredTech here. I have been with LayeredTech for about six months now, and I must say it has been a very interesting ride, many ups but a few downs too.
    First of signing up for a server, this process to me took way to long and almost made me look else wares, and no I am not talking about the 24 – 72 hours to build the box. It took me 3 signup attempts to get the order started, which took 2 days for that. I didn’t mind the 24 – 72 after I ordered. However this 3 order attempts to me was quite a problem, now some praise here for Chris he worked with me the entire time. The biggest problem I had from the get go is that LayeredTech does / did not seem to understand that there are geeks and then there are the people that pay for things. I have the owner’s credit card, and was told to “make it happen,” LayeredTech just seemed to not understand this. However we got this worked out. The reason it was a problem is the owner is never around. After everything was worked out my new toy arrived on time and was working just like I expected it to, also I must say I was very happy with the speeds and quality of the network. 2 month went by with zero downtime and no problems, then a client of mine sent out a newsletter that was misconfigured, and was sent as nobody. We were reported for spam. Praise here, I am very happy with the fact that minutes after the spam report was sent I was notified, however hiccup here, I was notified via the owner, since he was still listed as the contact not me. I followed up right away with the proper information and procedure and was told that everything was just fine and that the ticket was closed. However I did not responded to the original ticket, I created a new ticket, my fault, and referenced the offending ticket. Needless to say my box was unplugged. I was not a happy camper about this based off of I thought that the ticket was closed and the matter resolved, found out later that the original ticket was never taken care of via itself but taken care of by a new ticket. Automation at work. However more praise as soon as LayeredTech and myself found this hiccup my box was back online in minutes. More praise, when the box rebooted, something happened don’t know what but the firewall nulled everything. LayeredTech responded right away, and I mean less the 5 minutes with helping me to resolve this matter, and they did it for free!
    Things continued smoothly, even the last several weeks with the Savis networking issues, I feel that LayeredTech shined on through this problem, and that our downtimes were kept to a minimal due to there wonderful efforts. Even in the last 36 hours we lived through our first mini slashdotting, the box performed perfectly, and the network was perfect. I never heard a word or email or anything from LayeredTech as to what happened. After the hiccup in the ordering, I am a very happy customer of LayeredTech and have plans to continue my growth with them for a long time.

    Thank you LayeredTech.


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    yea layered tech is great, my friend bought 3 dedicated's from them and has nothing but good times. keep it up

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    Nice Review.

    Keep up the good job LayeredTech.

    Anthony, thanks and keep us updated
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    Nice review, but next time try to split it up into sections. Kinda hard to read as one huge paragraph

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    ya just tilted me more in favor of them... going to be getting some boxes from them.
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    i've got 4 servers with LT and another 2 with LT resellers and i've been very happy with the uptime.

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    1 server at LT with plans for more next month
    ManageMyServices was sold by me in September 2009. I no longer have any affiliation with this company.

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    I currently have 2 with them and will probably have 3 in the next month or so ...

    the only thing I want is an option for SCSI on some of the lower end machines and I would be o so happy!

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    LT is one of the providers that gave me the best deal yet delivering, however, they are times they tend to be real strict. If they could tackle support ticket faster, it would be great. (reboot wise is fast)

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