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    Help with UK hosting shortlist (windows)

    Help with UK hosting shortlist (windows)

    Hi Guys,

    Its the lasy straw with my current host and I desperately want to avoid making the same mistake again.

    I'd really appreciate any feed back, additional suggestions or warnings on the following shortlist.

    I'm looking for a reliable and responsive UK shared host on a windows machine with very good uptime.

    I need a UK IP, ASP, .Net, and although not required now PHP and MySQL. My traffic is currently around 1-2gb and growing. I also need IIS to treat html as ASP (don't ask) and although not essential for the host to set up a 301 from the non www version of the site to the www version.

    Heres my shortlist:


    Other considerations are flexibility and scalability as well as the quality of my neighbours on the class C IP block.

    Any and all feedback really appreciated.

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    Actually the best would be which is run by Paul Woodland who created HELM extensions.

    If you are going to go with a provider that actually knows what they are doing in the backend then liquidsix is the best.

    Otherwise redfoxhosting is another that is very good. been around for nearly 10 years.

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    Thanks GIGANET.

    I hadn't heard of liqidsix before. My gut feeling was going for redfox but its been wrong in the past

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