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    Adiungo significantly down??

    Hi Everyone,
    I recently started hosting with Adiungo and had been happy so far, but now I go to see my VPS and has been down for more than a day. I sent an email to Adiungo´s support and it gets bounced back. Then I go to their webpage and is down. Since there is no way of communicating with them, I'm getting a little worried.
    Anyone here have any information about this?


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    Looks like Adiungo has completely crapped their pants. yesterday they sent me an email saying that I was trying to hack other computers from my server and that I had sent out PayPal phishing emails and that is why they had to shut down my server. But their phone system has been down for 2 days and I am emailing and unhelpful pric who writes in very poor english.

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    Wow my VPS is still down, 4 dyas!! No resonable explanation and no help from support on how to get it back up. The main phone line is still down, 4 days now!! Anyone else alive or dead at adiungo? Did they just completely evaporate or is it just me?

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