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Thread: Hostinplex !

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    Question Hostinplex !

    ive emailed the hostingplex company now and its been over 12 hours, i cant seem to log into my cpanel or ftp, their live chat dont work, ive sent atleast 3 emails.

    does any know whats happened to them? or you think its time i change my host? useless hostingplex people.

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    Sorry you are having difficulties, I think I know exactly who you are because I have responded to your emails multiple times, and our system has also sent knowledgebase links to you.

    If you have lost your password and you are looking to reset it, you can goto

    Does this help? Are you the same person? Check if gmail is pushing our emails into spam (which is not normal)

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    "Ticket created at: 17 Jun 2005 07:01 AM"


    if you did originally submit a ticket 12 hours ago, please let us know the ticket ID as this is the only one I can find submitted by you (and which has had a response from a representative).

    If you have any alternate ticket ID's please let us know.
    If not, the next time you submit a ticket doublecheck if you receive a ticket ID back within 5 minutes.

    If you don't have a ticket ID back within 5 minutes (don't forget to check your spam box!) your ticket did NOT arrive with us so the best course of action is to resubmit it.
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    I hope you got the response you were seeking for.

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