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    Question Strange server load

    Currently my Personal webserver has 5 static websites on it, and its also running a personal teamspeak server. The only control Panel I have on it is Webmin. But the server load has been out of control for the last month. The OS is Centos 3.4 with a custom 2.6 kernel.

    Every day I check Historic system statics to see what's going on with the server. The CPU is always at 99% idle but the load is weird. My load for the month is

    Max Min Average
    1min 2.11 0.16 0.93
    5min 1.06 0.07 0.26
    15min .50 0.02 0.10

    When I did a check for Running Processes on my server the first thing that comes up is ksoftirqd. I did a search on Google and it comes up as the firewall. I also checked into what is using the most memory and its mysql. Nothing seems weird or out of the ordinary.

    Is it possible that I screwed something up when I compiled the kernel? Or do you think it may be some kind of hard ware problem? Maybe its even reporting wrong?

    P.S. lasts months transfer was not even 100mb

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    If your sites are static why would mysql even be running? In any event that is a bit odd of a load for that server, but nothing that would worry me. It could be any number of things, but if you look at the average 15 minute load it's only at .10 which is nothing to worry about.
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    Perfectly normal loads indeed, but as the previous poster said you could just disable mysqld all together if you don't use it
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