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    Please tell me what you think. I will be moving the banner to the frame when you click on a tutorial. So dont worry about that right now.

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    hello the site is nice..
    but i think this 'Newest 10 | Submit' is not really visible

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    it loaded VERY slow for me.

    I think the white text is to bright over the dark gray... not sure what you can do but I would suggest adjusting it :-)
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    You need to compress those images!! The main title's current size should be the size of the lot!!
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    Typos on the "SponsEred" when you click on the tutorial links.

    It's a nice domain. It would be better if you could write/hire people to write own tutorial instead of linking to other pages, use a CMS with 2/3 columns (for menu, links..), remove the banner until you start having real visitors.

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    Horizontal scroll, i donot think the site looks good when u have u to move the page horizontally to read the contents.

    apart from it, add more content to your site.

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    I think you should simplify the design. I like tutorial sites, but your first impression is not very inviting to me.

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    Lightbulb * What can/should be done

    Hi there,

    First of all a very nice resource!

    About the site:

    * Header graphic too big...lot of useless space - the 2 blue strips(you can do without them really!)

    * I personally like to brand my product and services. Your header should have the website url and the name - clear cut - no exceptions. 2 or 3 visits to your site and "" should be the place to visit for any tutorials! Why be just one of the many tutorial sites out there, Brand Your Thing.

    * Grey with white/blue text is good - no worries - looks professional. Decrease the page width though.

    Try these and lets see what can be done next!

    Take care.


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    The account has been suspended. I would like to see it back in business to review and perhaps even start a colaboration since we seem to be on a similar topic

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