We would like to offer you our services. Some info about us:

ITScript LLC is a full service IT Development Company founded in 2000.
Our development and research center is located in Tomsk, Russia.
However would be glad to meet you in our US office.

Our staff is a large team of high experienced and skilled professionals in different areas of IT Development.
Working together in strict rules of quality control procedures we offer our high quality service worldwide.

One of the key elements of our success is quality and timely work manner. We achieve perfect results working in close cooperation with our customers.
The aim of our project managers is to organize project development process closely cooperating with customers as well as developers, designers, marketers and other our experts.
Together with quality control procedures this can guarantee that project will not only meet the client's exact requirements, but will be free of any bugs and glitches.
We value both our clients and our reputation. That is why we do our best for each client: big or small.

Here are some our latest programming works:
Web Storage: http://www.box.net
Military Police Locator: http://www.mplocator.com
Video Rental Catalog: http://www.videodrom.com/verleih/
Cool Dealer Directory: http://www.cooldealer.com/
Server Monitoring Tool: http://demo.itscript.com/sw
Web Scripts Catalog: http://www.php-mysql-perl.com
'Jumping Holland' Classifieds: http://demo.itscript.com/horses_classifieds
Sport Gambling Portal: http://www.securegamingalliance.com
College Ads Management: http://www.shoppingpier.com
Domain Registration (Resellers version): http://www.opendomainregistry.net/registrator
Domain Registration: http://www.opendomainregistry.com/registrator
Auction Software: http://www.sterlingbidz.com
Gambling Portal: http://www.cashgenerate.net
...and many other can be found in portfolio.

Here are fees we charge for different types of services:
Web Development (Linux platform): PHP/Perl, MySQL/PostgreSQL, HTML/DHTML/XML/CSS/Javascript, and other - only $10 per hour,
Web Development (Windows platform): ASP/PHP, MySQL/MSSQL/MSAccess, HTML/DHTML/XML/CSS/Javascript, and other - $15 per hour
Web Design: Web sites (re)design, logo/banners/Identifying packages, Graphics design, Flash/ActionScript, and other - $10 per hour
Windows Development: MSVC/Delphi/VBasic/.NET, MSSQL/Oracle/MS Access/ Interbase, and other - $15 per hour

Please contact us for exact quote and timeframe for you project.

For each project we provide exact development timeframe and quote before it is started.
20% upfront insurance deposit is required for all tasks.
Accepted payment methods: Credit Card (using 2CheckOut), Bank Wire, PayPal

Russian office contacts:
Email [email protected]
ICQ 12585113,
AIM itscript,
MSN [email protected]
Yahoo: itscript

USA Office contacts:
12959 West Catalina Drive,
Avondale, AZ 85323
Phone: 1-480-422-1686
Email: [email protected]

Anton A. Chukhlomin,
ITScript Project manager