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    Post - Experiences?

    Hi all, newbie here and have been lurking for a couple of days. Great forum I must say. A WebmasterWorld of webhosting

    Well, I am planning to move my directory site to a new host and have almost narrowed down to My site is on Windows, with MS SQL database, with a unique IP.

    Any experiences (good or bad) will be really appreciated.


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    CRNC is an excellent company; I have yet to hear anything bad about them.
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    I was with a company that was with CRNC for well over a year and we never had an issue with them. They get a thumbs up here.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Expected the company to be good, without the usual marketing hype around it. Your replies corroborate it.


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    Just wanted to throw this in! I'm currently with CRNC and can't be any happier. You show me another dedicated server provider that goes out of their way like CRNC does... and I'll find it hard to believe!

    I give them 2 thumbs up, way up
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