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    How to calculate bandwidth usage?

    Okay, I'm a little bit confused here... I want to get a dedicated line for my ShoutCAST servers, which will stream at 96kbps. How do I figure out what the max I can have on the line is?

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    if ur using a dedicated line.. u can jst use some softs for checking the bandwidth..
    there are many bandwidth monitoring softs avail..u jst try search in google ..

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    Number of Listeners * Stream Quality = Bandwidth Needed.

    So if at peak you have 25 listeners, at 96Kbit/s, then you need bandwidth of at least:

    25 * 96 = 2,400Kbit/s or 2.4Mbit/s

    If you want it in terms of Data Transfer, then do:

    Mbit/s * 305 = Data Transfer in Average Month, so:

    2.4 * 305 = roughly 732GB in an average 30.4 day month - But that'd only be if you used 2.4Mbit/s constantly, 24/7.
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    Originally posted by etechsupport2
    You can monitor your bandwidth usage by logging into Cpanel and clicking on Web/FTP statistics.
    I don't think they said they were on a Cpanel server. Also, Cpanel only counts bandwidth for web, FTP, SMTP, POP, etc., not a service running on another port that it's not logging the transfer on. Also, the web and FTP stats are just for those--web and FTP.

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    Thank you very much for your responses, I appreciate it!

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    Tim_Greer & HopesDespair,

    I apologise for concluding in wrong way.

    I would suggest you to install MRTG for monitoring traffic on your server and ask the datacenter if they would provide with any such monitoring service.

    Most of the datacenters offer 1000 GB bandwidth with dedicated server so you wont need to worry about bandwidth usage coz you wont be using anything more than 732GB as per Karl Austin.

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