No matter you run a site for your business, or just for your favourate fans, you nerver hope that your site could not be visited. But it is wired that the Server where you hosted on would have tons of reasons to be down times in a year.

Yeah, ieBase knows we must do some special activities to make sure that your site online time could really more than 99.5%. And here is the plan you could enjoy it.

If the monthly payment for your Hosting account with is higher than $5, I will creat a backup account for you in another ieBase's Server (we have 3 servers already, details for Servers listed below ). If one of my Server is Down unlucky, you could just set the IP Redirection in your Domain's control panel to your backup Account. And your site would back online in minutes (If you registrate your Domain with Enom, it would take you 5 minutes only to make the new IP redirection works).

Hope this policy would be really helpful for your business, you needn't pay any extra penny for your hosting account to get this backup account.

Plz let me know if you have any Questions about it. You could post here or on isBase Support Forum

P.S. ( Suggest that you should make backup of your Database offen, so you can restore your database with the backup hosting account when needed)

Below are brief for my 3 Servers:

Server I -- Fast and Reliable, valuable econimic package for you
Server I locates in's datacenter with a 99% uptime guarantee. With a P2.4 CPU and 1 G RAM, Server I provides you ecomonic and reliable hosting plan for your business. The minimum monthly fee for your account on Server I is $1.50 per month only

Server II -- excellent performance, Best Choice for High Traffic Site
Server II locates in's datacenter with a 99% uptime guarantee. With a Dual Xeon 2.8G CPU and 1 G RAM, Server II is your best choice for high traffic sites.

Server III -- My Super Server to Support your serious business
Server III locates in's datacenter, one of the best service datacenter, with a 99% uptime guarantee. With a Dual Xeon 3.2G CPU and 2G RAM, Server III is your honest friend to support your serious business

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