"Sydney Firm Unveils High-Speed 'Made-in-Australia' Web Hosting Platforms"

Contact: Karthick Rajendran ([email protected])

Sydney, Australia Thursday, June 16, 2005 Net Logistics today unveiled their new Velocity and Kinetic webhosting platforms. These affordable new packages, directed at the virtual and reseller hosting markets, are founded upon an entirely Made-in-Australia approach.

"We felt there was a notable gap in affordable, Australia-based virtual and reseller web hosting offerings," explains Net Logistics co-founder, Karthick Rajendran. "Almost everything else was too cost-prohibitive, or was not truly 100% based in Australia."

Having already established a sizable foothold in the international hosting market, Rajendran felt it was time to further expand the Australian side of his firm's business.

"We already offered 'mission-critical' virtual hosting, from a Sydney-based datacenter," notes Rajendran. "When we found an excellent opportunity to expand into traditional virtual and reseller, from a Brisbane-centred network, we simply couldn't resist."

These latest offerings from Net Logistics put a focus on speed and efficiency by nature of the webservers being located in Australia, latency is extremely low, significantly improving browsing experiences for domestic users, while not significantly sacrificing international performance.

"A common complaint among Australians looking for hosting is that it's difficult to find the 'real thing' in terms of actual Australian-based servers, on Australian backbones," reports Rajendran.

"Just shopping from a .com.au host doesn't mean you're necessarily getting Australian hosting because their servers are often overseas, in the USA. This is precisely what we're solving with 'Velocity' and 'Kinetic.'" he continues.

"They're completely based right here in Australia, and because of this, they're far faster for hosting domestic websites but with the great connectivity we have here, they're very efficient at serving pages to international browsers as well," explains Rajendran. "It's really the best of both worlds."

Combined with their other hosting options, which span from US-based Virtual Hosting, through to VPS (virtual private server) and dedicated servers, Net Logistics appears poised for continued, solid growth.

"Even when you're already doing very well, it seems like a good idea to expand whenever you can, even if the competition isn't too happy about it," jokes Rajendran. "But we simply want to make sure that all of our clients, both current and prospective, have as many options available to them as possible. I think Velocity and Kinetic fit extremely well into that schema."

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Net Logistics is a young, progressive web hosting firm, founded by Karthick Rajendran and Trung Nguyen. It offers a complete range of virtual, reseller and dedicated web hosting solutions to a worldwide client base. Net Logistics is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

Contact: Karthick Rajendran ([email protected])