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    Dedicated Server.... help!

    Okay, so I'm 17 and starting a non profit for fun Radio Website. I currently have the following server:

    Pentium 2.6GHz
    160GB IDE HD
    1024 MB RAM
    100mb/s Line
    900 GB Up / 900 GB Down

    Windows 2003

    I pay 150$ a month for this server... which I'm sure is a good deal, but the bandwidth is gonna hurt because we're doing streams at 96kbps.

    Anyone know of a better deal?

    Also if someone can post this in the dedicated server section as a request?

    As a request I'd appreciate it.

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    Find a provider that can put you on a cogent uplink and allow you to grow your bandwidth as your grows.

    The problem with your situation, is you have a server deal on oversold bandwidth. When you actually go over your quota, your provider is going to rape you. You are probably at your lowest entry price point.

    I would think you neeed to be talking mpbs, rther than gb/month for this project.
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    Hmm allright, yeah I'm kinda going into this blindly, I try to learn as I go...

    So what would you suggest?

    By the way I cant post a link to my site but it's Syphon Radio dot com

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    Since your web site is a non-profit fun radio web site, the best solution for you would be to choose an unmetered 10mbps offer or something similar which are normally provided on Cogent bandwidth as PSFServers stated.
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