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    Running PC to another LCD in another room

    I am moving to a condo and my office is going to be upstairs when I will be downstairs most of the time. What I want to know is if there is a way to either run a PC upstairs and utilize it on an LCD downstairs I am going to use for TV with some type of cordless keyboard/mouse combo.

    Granted I do have a laptop I could use but I am looking to build a decent home theater setup and figured these days something like this is probably possible. I have a wireless router and I could probably even run a wire if I had to.

    I ask one of the kids at Best Buy and he said it can't be done but I know I have seen some people using projectors this way so figured it is probably something which can be done. Would also keep me from having to charge my laptop ever few hours or have to run a wire for power all the time.

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    It can be done, my friend accesses pictures, videos, and music on his LCD screen. He has his PC in the basement, and runs a wireless network, to essentially stream the stuff to the LCD screen. You may try doing a google search about this or something, as I have no experience with it.

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    May this be what you are looking for?
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