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    Question New version of ClientExec?

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone had more information about the new version of ClientExec (2.4)? According to THIS it was supposed to have been released last week.


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    They are rolling up 2.4 into the 2.5 release as they were building the code versions in parallel. Since the paypal subscriptions billing plugin delayed 2.4 they simply decided to roll it into 2.5 and release 2.5. Keith did post screenshots of the new 2.5 so one can only presume they will be releasing it anytime now.

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    Thanks for your reply. We didn't purchase ClientExec directly from NEWEDGE, therefore I don't have access to other [support] sections of the forums.

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    I've heard that ClientExec's people have planned to release Version 2.4 which included Paypal subscriptions with some more features but they’re thinking to include that with their ongoing projects they are working for also Version 2.5 along-side of 2.4. They are going to release it probably in third week of June.

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    Yes, we were developing 2.4, and 2.5 in parallel and simply merged those 2 together. In order to fully test paypal due to timing, it made it more realistic to just include 2.5 functions with it.

    Enom API, existing customer signup, and other features will be included. It's currently being beta tested, has been for this month, and should be released shortly.

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    Great... hopefully it'll be released before the end of this month. One question though, will there be an upgrade path for users of version 2.3?

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