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    Has anyone used Reseller Zoom?


    I am considering leaving my current reseller host (equivity) to reseller zoom. With all the problems and nightmares I have had with equivity I am trying to be careful of my next host.

    Does anyone have any negative or positive remarks on Reseller Zoom?



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    not me but..

    I havent personally used them but I have read some really nice reviews here on wht, try doing a search on to get an idea.... They offer really low prices and good service...
    havent ready anything bad about them so if you are just starting your business I would strongly recommend them...

    I am considering getting an account with them myself.... Only I am not sure if I should get a windows + linux bundle to start ....

    any ideas?

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    I would go with Linux most of my clients are on it and it is more common

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    They are good provider for me
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    There are many reviews of Reseller Zoom, here is one:

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