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    Clean, proffesional web design for sale.

    Hi! I have a new design for sale, its clean and proffesional with 20+ slices.

    Homepage Screenshot:

    Subpage Screenshot will be shown on request.

    You Get:
    1) Fully Sliced .PSD File
    2) Edittable HTML file
    3) Includes the .mp3 file of the soft music playing in the background! (Ask for this
    Easily Edittable graphic layers in the .PSD

    Features you can ask for

    Installation: We will install this template for you, for only $10.00 extra dollars! (This includes uploading to your server through FTP[/I]
    2) Extra tweaks.This template is the one you want but you need a few modifications? For only $6.00 I can modify the completely sliced HTML and .PSD files to match your needs.
    3) Extra Coding. Need a bit more coding then the default design provides? For $13.00 I can code you anything from an extra email form to a informational database.

    This clean proffesional template includes soft music, links, easily edittable Lorem Ipsum filler text, fully coded in PHP and MySQL, and much more!

    Bidding starts at $60.00, bid now! Through this thread or PM!
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    404 - cannot be found.

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    Check again, it works fine for me.

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    The link has been fixed. Please place your bids, also, if you want I can upload a fuller, alternative version.

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