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    free template anyone?

    I know not many people do layouts for free, but this is very simple. Wont even take 30 minutes of your time.

    Its for the doamin
    Its been two days and somehow over 30 unique hits. (40 % were just direct type in.

    anyways I have drawn it out it pen. Its just that simple
    Here you go

    I just need it sliced.

    What will be on the site will be what is currently shown at the site.
    The ps3 picture below the forums is a ad, i was testing out so that would be 468 x 60.
    Thanks whoever does this.
    ooo by the way you can put a link to your company if you'd like.

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    The proper link, for those of you new to image shack.

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    look at

    we have some very cheap templates under $20 already sliced with PSD file and HTML files

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    Although I am still looking for a free one. I really do not have the funds with me right now.

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    We will be offering free templates too, I will upload them to the page soon. keep an eye on the page for free templates button.

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    Alright, thanks.

    another question?> when is "soon" hehe.
    i've been without a template for a while now

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    I am pushing it for this weekend

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    thats awosome.

    Is there a chance you have one available right now?

    domain propageted like sometime ago.
    I am losing visitors. I have had over 40 unique hits.
    I dont want to lose more .

    If not thats ok.

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    You may have a chance of getting a free designer at - some of them design for fun and like the publicity? But expect a lot of immaturity and low turnover time

    Other than that good luck
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    Free designers are hard to find...I mean, it takes loads of time to create decent design.

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