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    [Selling] Modernbill Owned and Unlimited License for $300


    I still have a Modernbill Owned and Unlimited License. I'm willing to sell it for $300 USD.

    The license is an owned license, with unlimited clients, meaning no further payments to Modernbill are necessary, and there is no limit to the amount of clients you can host. The license grants access to all of the latest versions of Modernbill (only Modernbill, no other products); meaning as new version are released, as long as your support contract is current (you have to renew your support after six months) you can get the latest version for free.

    So in a nutshell:

    - No more payments to Modernbill (not including support)
    - Unlimited clients
    - Free support and new Modernbill versions for six months
    - After six months, support must be renewed in order to continue receiving support and to get new versions of Modernbill

    The license has been verified (see
    The payement can be done via paypal so the process can be really quick.

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    I am willing to do $250 if you are interested. Also is this a developer license?

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    The license is $499 USD... I'm really not selling below $300. I got an offer at $280

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    And the license is not a developer license (just got the confirmation from Modernbill)

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    You need to send the details of this to the WHT helpdesk so we may verify you are permitted to transfer it.
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    This license has been verified by modernbill.
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    The license has been sold to tuwebfacil.
    Thanks to all of you who participated (or just read) the thread

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